Alayna Monroe

Army Brat


Alayna appears to be an attractive young woman in her early to mid twenties with a look of fierce determination. Her clothing and equipment are well kept and she appears to be a person of some means.


Alayna is the daughter of the Vichi Ambassador to The Republic. Born into an noble house on Aintzile, the daughter of an Imperial noble and a military officer officer of some renown who was appointed as an ambassador. Alayna was only ten before she was uprooted from her home and dragged across space to a new home on Ezkurra so that her father could represent Imperial interests to the Republic.

Alayna grew up as an entitled child with a rebellious streak, learning from a young age how to manipulate people into getting what she wanted. She became a hedonist in her late teens and early twenties. This came to a head when she was twenty two years old during an incident at a private resort where her proclivities were captured on camera and released over the internet. The scandal came with a huge backlash to her family and to the Empire when the Republic media depicted Imperialists as entitled pleasure-seekers. Her father, who had been too busy to properly raise Alayna after divorcing her mother, came down hard on his daughter, disowning her from the family inheritance. Incensed, Alayna joined the Republic Navy as a way of getting back at her father. This lead to even further scandal.

Alayna spent four years in the Republic Navy and despite starting out as an entitled brat, she quickly learned that her family heritage would not carry her through. Too proud to fail, she applied herself like she never had before to her studies and her career in the navy. She became a prominent pilot and navigator, attaining the respect of her peers and and superior officers alike with her dedication and attention to detail. Despite the support of her superior officers, several commendations received during an engagement with a small fleet of pirates and her time served, Alayna was passed over for officer candidacy. She had never fully shaken her history and the Republic Navy refused to promote someone who had such strong connections to the Vichi Empire. This depressed Alayna, who began to spend most of her time in her quarters, taking various studies through the naval training focused on computer programming where she also shined. Once her tour of four years ended, Alayna left the navy feeling somewhat lost as to what to do next, but knowing she would never be able to make her way up in life working for someone else, she decided to form a partnership with an old friend and start her own shipping business.

Alayna Monroe

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