Errol Fairbanks

A grizzled ex-space marine with a shady past


Errol Fairbanks moves with a swagger, and although his clothing is utilitarian and functional, his one concession to vanity is his extravagant ginger side-burns. Errol is rarely seen without his monoblade cutlass at his hip, nor without a cheap stogie clamped in his teeth.

Errol’s earliest memories are of a hardscrabble existence on the streets of Mylonas. Errol has no memory of his parents, but he must have been old enough to fend for himself when he was orphaned, because compassion is in short supply on Mylonas. Errol spent his childhood robbing and stealing with a small gang of other orphans on Mylonas, until, at the age of 16 he stowed away on a Golden Swords pirate vessel. Somehow, Errol charmed his way into becoming a member of the crew, instead of being tossed out an airlock.

Of course, as a “depth charge”, it was his job to literally tossed from an airlock – dressed in an atmosphere suit, he would be sent out into space to be “rescued” by unsuspecting vessels, whose defenses he would disable from the inside, paving the way for his crewmates. Errol spent four years learning the ways of treachery and deceit from the Golden Swords, but also camaraderie and fellowship. All that came to end when Errol was captured by Republic Authorities after a raid gone disastrously wrong.

Facing death for his crimes, a kindly Defense Attorney named Salazar Sol managed to get Errol’s sentence reduced to compulsory military service. Although his history was shady, a military recruiter must have seen some hidden potential in Errol, because he was drafted into the Marines. To everyone’s surprise, Errol took immensely well to the structured nature of military life – he quickly rose to the rank of lieutenant, earning the respect of his superiors and peers and leading several successful sorties against pirates.

Unfortunately, Errol’s military service was cut short when he was badly injured in a gas attack. Granted an honourable discharge, Errol spent some time trying to find honest work, but quickly discovered that he didn’t have any skills that didn’t involve hurting people. Connecting with another former Golden Swords pirate, he began wandering the shadier space ports looking for work. At the Dirty Spatula, Errol and his friend met Alayna Monroe, pilot of the Time Bandit, and perhaps their destiny…

Errol Fairbanks

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