605 Clytie Breathable Var. Cold Immiscible 1M+ 1-4

Clytie is a frozen tundra world on the edge of Vichi Imperial space. Surface scans of the planet reveal a few warehouses, landing platforms, outposts, and little else. It is theorized that Clytie was once an ocean world as the ice around the surface of the planet is nearly a thousand meters thick in some spots and some ancient fossils of whale
like creatures hundreds of meters long have been found frozen in the ice.

Despite the lifeless desert on it’s surface, Clytie boasts a breathable atmosphere and a significant population of Imperial citizens living in hollowed out cities beneath the ice. These cities are accessed by massive elevators that transport goods to and from the cities, hundreds of meters below the ice and into the rock of the planet’s crust. Clytie maintains its breathable atmosphere largely due to the oxygen producing lichen and fungus that grow in the planet’s crust. These naturally occurring fauna also have some valuable medical properties and are grown and harvested with care by the Vichi Empire. Additionally, natural caverns unearthed by Imperial explorers have exposed massive crystal spires that are valuable as focusing lenses for various grades of lasers. Unfortunately, these crystals were grown over the course of millennia and are not a renewable resource. Harvesting of these crystals has lead to protests by various environmental groups.

The Clytie system is also home to the Appropriate Response, the base of the Burleson Cooperative


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