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A cluster of small continents dot the surface of the planet like islands. The rest of the surface is comprised of a vast, saltwater oceans, teeming with aquatic life. The primary economic outputs of the planet are agricultural products, fish and mercenaries.
Climate: Mediterranean. Rainy, warm, semi-tropical.
Socioeconomic situation

Louvaris was hit hard during the Silence. Cut off from access to trade and technology, the old social order collapsed. Raiders and pirates exploited the planet for its natural resources. In response, the citizenry made military service mandatory and conscripted a sizeable, professional military force for self defense.

A constitutional government was formed by two powerful families. Two kings were appointed, one from each family, to serve as a check and balance on the power of the other, each equal in authority and power. The kings control economic, social, judicial and military matters, answerable only to each other.

A council of elders, known as the Gerousia, serves in an advisory capacity to the kings.
Louvaris’s society is broken into three broad categories:
-Louvarians – Recognized, free citizens with full rights.
-Perioikoi – Free, landed peasants. No rights to govern. Can own property and slaves.
-Helots – Slave class, labour force. Owned by the other two classes.

In response to the social unrest following the Silence, the state was utterly militarized in the name of homeland security. Louvarians are its full-citizens and its professional, full-time military force.
The Ethors, are a mysterious and shadowy organization that “serve” as consultants the kings, but are rumoured in fact to be the true authority on Louvaris. Few in number, they are engaged in precog and psionic activities. They are renown assassins and spies and greatly feared by the enemies of Louvaris.

The Louvarians, from day one, are groomed for combat. Babies are evaluated for physical fitness and genetically engineered to be superhuman in every way possible, made faster, stronger, smarter and more. Every boy is taken from their family at age 12 to begin military indoctrination and combat training. At age 20, men vie for invitations to various military houses. When they are initiated into a house, they become recognized as full citizens. The houses are the equivalent to a military branch: airforce, infantry, navy, special forces and more.

Current Louvarian kings: Lycurgis and Leonidas.
Louvarian males are expected to participate in military life until the age of 60. Females are also expected to be physically fit and able to fight, but their primary role is also to prepare for motherhood and household management.
Parents are expected to pay for their children’s genetic engineering and training at the Logos, the Louvarian equivalent of a military university. Most Louvarian families are supremely wealthy, own plenty of land and slaves to work it. If a family cannot afford to pay for their children’s physical and educational needs, the child may not become fully recognized as a citizen, and instead, be shifted to the Perioikoi class, stripped of the right to vote and forbidden from participation in politics.
The Louvarians do not farm or engage in manual labour. Their chief concern is military combat training.
Weakness: Outnumbered by the Helots, armed forces need to stay relatively close to their planet to ensure any unrest can be put down.

Perioikoi Leader: Simon
Perioikoi are typically made up of merchants, farmers, traders and foreigners who have settled on Louvaris. They may own land, but cannot participate in politics. Very wealthy and ambitious Perioikoi families have been known to accumulate enough wealth to genetically modify their offspring, send them to the Logos and have their children ascend to the status of a full-citizen, but this is rare.
Weakness: Resented by the Helots, the Perioikoi are a disunited class, some are fighting for power from within the system to become full citizens, others resist owning slaves and mandatory military service. They lack major political organization to achieve their political goals.

Helot Leader: Diogenes
Helots are mainly the defeated peoples who refused to join the new constitutional government, or hostages taken during combat, or people who sold themselves into slavery to pay off debts owed. Children born to Helots are automatically slaves. They are restless and have been known to riot occasionally. They outnumber the Louvarians 10:1, but since they are poor, illiterate, less well-armed and physically less-than compared to the genetically engineered superhuman masters, their efforts largely fail.
Primarily farmers and fishermen, Helots are entitled to 50% of the crops and wealth they produce, the rest goes to their owners. Some Helots have been known to band together and amass wealth to purchase freedom for a handful of their number so that they might leave the planet, find wealth and return to buy freedom for others. This scheme rarely pans out.
Weaknesses: Subject to poverty, disease, social dysfunction, the Helots kept under thumb through social disorder and fear.

The Louvarians love all things related to sport and it is deeply connected to their religion. Sporting competition is one of the ways they honour and pay homage to their gods. They have gladiatorial arenas, Olympic events and more. Athletes are beloved and considered superstars, often known off-planet as well.
Known for their preference of brevity of speech, they often eschew long-winded commentary for plain and straightforward words. Men are expected to speak with wit as well.

The Louvarians are deeply superstitious and polytheistic. Before any major government or military decision is made by the kings, the Gerousia and Ethors are asked to provide counsel. Ill omens from the precog’s may mean the Louvarian military will utterly refuse to fight in foreign territory if portents are bad.
It is well known that the superstitious leaders will only fight under auspicious circumstances. If a major religious festival or sporting event is taking place, their preference is to honour the gods before all else, make the proper sacrifices and ritual offerings for luck and prosperity.

Sellsword Guilds: Most Louvarian warriors do not wander far from their home planet, but those that do are primarily mercenaries for hire. It is common for wealthy patrons to hire Louvarian guard details or entire shiploads of fierce warriors for small-scale conflicts.
Contracts are typically managed by guild representatives from the military houses. They determine pay rates, length and nature of services provided.
Louvarian bodyguards are expensive but considered marks of prestige for any successful businessman.


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