| 405 | Shadha | Breathable | Temp. | None | 1B+ | 3 |

Shadha is the most populous planet in the sector, hosting billions of people (the exact population is not known). It is a desert world with a lower tech level than the neighboring and smaller world of Ezkurra. Overpopulation, desertification and economic turmoil have left the people of Shadha stranded without any hope of space travel.

Massive transparent globes dot the landscape as testament to the long failed terraforming efforts of pre-tech settlers. Cacti and the occasional stubborn tree lay between massive dunes and people eek out a living in the barren landscape by trading space junk and moisture farming. Up in the sky Ezkurra and Radiah the much smaller sister planets can be seen, the lights dotting Ezkurra’s surface making it look more akin to a spherical space station. Ezkurra is a nearby pleasure planet where the social elite of the system live. Factory ships can be seen flying overhead, constantly leaving and returning with composites and raw materials. The occasional smoking hulk can be seen ungracefully crashing to the surface in one of the many scrap yards run by [Sunbeam Multistellar] that line the singular radioactive lake on the surface.

Most people speak english with a southern drawl and the main religion is a strange form of Islam that has mutated over time as if it had been shared through the worlds longest game of telephone.
Open carry is encouraged and concealed carry is commonplace.



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