List of Factions:
The Republic
The Republic has been the main ruling body in the sector for over 1000 years. They are made up of a senate with representatives from each major planet. Over time they have become corrupt, powerless and slow to act.
Home Base:
-Takis System (One high tech world, and one lower tech overpopulated world)

The Vichy Empire
The Vichy Empire have a very strong military presence in the Beta quadrant. They seek to expand the empire through conflict and offering protection.
-Military Power
Home Base:
-Sagari in Deianara System

The Andreadis Federation
The Federation seeks to fight for the common man. They hope to cause uprisings all over the sector and put an end to corruption and oppression.
-Poor Laborer/Proletariat
Home Base:
-Andreadis System (Three Small Industrial Worlds)


Organization Leadership Policy Outsiders Issues Home
The Inheritors Quasi-Religious Tech-Worship Xenophobic pretech, Bigotry
Morlu Syndicate Outcasts Anarchists Laissez-faire Piracy, Smuggling, Mylonas
Golden Swords Pirates Katla


Company Name    Business    Homebase
Aysien Company Exploration
Burleson Cooperative Exploration Clytie
Caldero Inc Biotech
Compass Ring Pharmaceuticals
Cort Organization Prostitution
Damaskinos Outift Agriculture
Fida Combine Gengineering
Frontier Multistellar Biotech
Guo Yin Cooperative Transport
Kofford Society Mercenary Work
Messimeris Association Robotics
Nasir Enterprises Law Enforcement
Neogen Pact Construction
New Dawn Clan Asteroid Mining
Norouzi Union Journalism
Omnitech Group Weapons
Pakravan Organization Biotech
Panstellar Outift Entertainment
Proksch Band Shipyards Liga
Puiggros Society Ideology
Republic Spaceways Transport
Sunbeam Multistellar Shipyards Shadha
Shogun Enterprises Fishing
Silverlight Unity Planetary Mining
Striker Combine Psitech
Terra Prime Circle Security
Wayfarer Sodality Grav Vehicles
West Wind Circle Espionage


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