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To the cartographers of the Republic, the planetoid known as Mylonas is of little interest. Although the atmosphere is breathable by humans, the atmosphere is conducive to agriculture, and it possesses deposits of common elements such as iron and nickel, it’s distance from civilized space makes the prospect of mining or farming operations needlessly cost prohibitive. Additionally, several survey expeditions of the planet and the surrounding space have failed to return, likely due to the preponderance of dangerous asteroids in the area.

Of course, it is these exact qualities which make Mylonas so valuable to the Morlu Syndicate. In secret tunnels deep within Mylonas lies a thriving port, catering to the every need of those who are on the wrong side of Republic law. In the “Smuggler’s Cove”, pirates rub shoulders with mercenaries, and treasure hunters raise capital for expeditions by selling contraband artifacts of unknown origin to shady fences. Restaurants, bars, and other shady establishments provide the perfect place to broker deals, and the Fortuna Casino (run by the Morlu Syndicate, naturally) is where successful criminals go to try their luck.

The Morlu Syndicate can mount an impressive navy, if necessary, and can count on those who rely on its services to defend Mylonas from those that are as stupid as they are greedy, but for the most part it prefers to avoid detection all together. The asteroids surrounding the planetoid are the perfect method for keeping unwanted guests out, and also provide a convenient excuse for the disappearance of ships that have to be destroyed by the Syndicate. The only way to access the Smuggler’s Cove is by invitation.

Given the anarchic nature of Smuggler’s Cove, there is little in the way of culture. The word of the Morlu Syndicate is law, and any who dare incur their wrath earn a swift summary execution; however, interpersonal conflicts can become quite violent before Morlu Enforcers intervene, and one should keep a close eye on their belongings and take care not to get swindled, since the Syndicate doesn’t interfere unless their bottom line is threatened.

Only one custom seems inviolate, however: all newcomers to the Smuggler’s Cove are expected to quaff a mug of Pitch, a local alcohol that is as potent as it is unpleasant. It is understood that those who are Pitch Black are to be left alone by the predatory inhabitants of the Cove, and conversely, any newcomer who fails to participate in the ritual will find his or her capital amongst the Port’s residents quickly diminishing.

The Morlu Syndicate

The Morlu Syndicate is an inter-galactic criminal organization that operates throughout Republic space, and in the border regions of the Federation and the Empire. Their interests include extortion, blackmail, racketeering, smuggling, and war profiteering. The Syndicate’s home base is Ezkurra, but Mylonas is an important part of their organization, especially as a key stop on several smuggling routes.

The Republic
Officially, the Republic has no interest in the Polyeides System. However, a Republic Naval Commander named Odelia Zotac has noticed the high volume of unusual activity in the System, and keeps a close eye on it. In fact, she has made a proposal for the Navy to set-up an outpost and subsequent blockade of the system. Currently, the proposal languishes on some Senator’s desk, unread. However, should the criminals who use the Smuggler’s Cove slip up, they can expect the situation to shift rapidly.

The Inheritors
The Inheritors are a quasi-religious organization that reveres pretech. Their ultimate goal is to control as much pretech as they can, and keep it out of the hands of those they deem unworthy. There has been more than one warlord or pirate king who reached prominence with a plundered pretech weapon that have been quietly dealt with by The Inheritors. Unfortunately, the Inheritors also believe the three major governments of the Galaxy are unworthy of pretech, and will do everything they can to prevent them from accessing it.


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